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What is Tire Shop?

Tire Shop is a true omni-channel tire buying experience. It has three components that make this site unique from other tire websites, being their motto of Right Tire, Right Shop, Right Now. Tire Shop is a concept and vision created by brothers Jason and Josh Crook. The two have successfully operated their independent tire shop, Jack Calhoun Tire out of West Georgia with their mother Sandra Mclarty for over three decades. The entire Tire Shop team have created a vision to be the #1 go to online tire shopping solution.

Right Tire: Tire Shop has created various distributor relationships across the United States. “We recognized a large opportunity to create relationships with not only large distribution networks, but also small independent shops that do some wholesaling”, said Jason Crook. “Our company strengths will be the utilization of multiple sizes of wholesalers that provide continued growth with these relationships, which will strengthen the value and partnership with Tire Shop” to offer the best customer experience in finding the best tire and value to meet the customers needs and budget.

Right Shop: Tire Shop has a trademarked Preferred Partner Installers Program. The program is setup to provide tire installer recommendations if an online shopper doesn’t have one already in mind. If they do, they can still see listed local approved installers, all of which are rated with a review program. “We are continually adding installers daily to a list of installers” said Mr Crook. We can ship to your address, we can ship to a Preferred Partner Installer, or where available, use our Preferred Partner Installers that offer Mobile Installation where they come to you!

Right Now: Value is the service for the install and provides dealers a chance to earn additional business for their store. The idea of this partnership is where Crook sees value from his 30 years plus experience and the feedback he has received leading up to the website launch. Customers can get the value priced tires, get the valued professional installation in real time, as many of the products being offered are available from the wholesale division of the Preferred Partner Installers Program that Crook and their team are working with.

“An important part of our offering is partnering with mobile installers. We have worked to get many markets covered to offer mobile installation. This added service is expected to help grow to meet the online customers needs and service expectations.” said Mr Crook.

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